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Mister Transmission Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair

Understand your options when your transmission needs repair

Your transmission is one of the most complex systems in your vehicle. When you have problems, there are many potential causes. Mister Transmission's expert technicians have the skills you can trust to diagnose the problems and repair them as quickly and effeciently as possible.

Transmission Repairs

The first step in getting you back on the road is assessing your vehicle and your transmission to accurately determine the source of the problem. Once our diagnostics and inspections are complete, we will explain to you what we found in a way that you can understand so that you can make an informed decision.

In some cases, we are able to repair your transmission more simply with adjustments, replacing external seals, or replacing accessible parts.

New & Used Transmission Replacements

Replacing your transmission is an option, however it is not often the best option. Used transmissions have questionable histories and may bring with them a whole new set of challenges. Truly new transmissions are mostly found only in new vehicle manufacturing - aftermarket transmissions may be billed as new but may in fact have been rebuilt with all new parts. Whether new or used, a replacement transmission is less than ideal as any transmission you select will not necessarily be a perfect fit. So what else can you do? Work with the transmission you already have.

Rebuilding Your Transmission

If the problems with your transmission have advanced beyond simpler external repairs, your best option may be to have a qualified Mister Transmission technician rebuild your existing transmission. Since your transmission was installed during manufacturing, it has the best possible fit for your vehicle. Our team has the knowledge and technology to rebuild your transmission with new parts to give it new life.

What's This Transmission Repair Going to Cost?

We understand that repairing your transmission is usually an unexpected (and unwelcome) expense. The cost varies depending on the outcome of our diagnostic testing, and we will help you to understand the various factors that come into play

Flexible Payment Plans

Getting your transmission repaired and getting your car back on the road is important. That's why we make it easy with our Flexible Payment Plans.